How to change the super admin in a Baserow deployment?


I am the owner of a Baserow deployment and I need to change the super admin. I have searched the documentation but I cannot find any information on how to do this. Is it possible to change the super admin in a Baserow deployment? If so, how can I do this?

Additional information:

  • I am using a self-hosted Baserow deployment.
  • The current super admin is no longer part of my team.

I would appreciate any feedback from the Baserow community on how to change the super admin in my deployment. Thank you!

@nigel could you please help with this request?

If you have access to the database, in the auth_user table there is a column called is_staff. If you set that to true for a user you want to make the super admin, then that should work I think.

Hey @aditmodi, I also checked with our content lead, and we actually have this information described in the user docs: Admin panel - Users // Baserow. It’s the same way as @Alex described, but in the file, you can find the info described step-by-step.