How to create an automated applicant tracking system (ATS)

In Baserow, you can create custom workflows for the hiring process and store all candidate information and documents in one centralized place. Next, by integrating Baserow with n8n, you can automate the capture and organization of applicant data.

Here is an overview of the workflow:

  • Set up your Baserow workspace.
  • Create a database from one of the HR templates.
  • Design the tables and fields.
  • Create a form in Baserow to capture applicant data.
  • Add credentials on n8n to authenticate nodes.
  • Set up a webhook with n8n as a trigger.
  • Create a webhook in Baserow for form submission.
  • Test and activate.
  • Send reminder emails.
  • Execute and activate the workflow for production.

Human resources and people ops teams, get the details of how to build the applicant tracking system (ATS) in Baserow. :open_file_folder: