How to export a workarea to a new Project

let’s say I have a workarea with bunch of tables, and they are linked together.

How can I export the entire workarea to a new project

I tried to export each table, but it only exports content of table not any settings of the table. such as each column/field type.

The problem is if we use online hosting, and decide to move workarea to selfhost, there is no clear path to do that.

Another usecase would be to backup my data to local disk. and restore it if there’s data lost (unintentionally deleted etc)

Please add a feature to export entire workarea with all settings, bascially:

I could export workarea to a alocal disk; complete delete online workarea, and then completely restore the workarea from my local disk; and get exact snapshot before the export


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Hello @bedros, that’s not possible to export the entire workspace for now, but we have these open issues that are related to your requests:

You can track the progress by checking the links above.

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