How to filter data by lookup field with API?

Have read this topic Unable to filter on lookup fields?, but my usecase is filter data by lookup filed with API.

My usecase is like this:
Say we have a table “A” which have link field to table “B” and a lookup field “lookupField”, then want to get the rows in table “A” which lookup field “lookupField” contains some text.

Seems the filter link_row_contains can work on the link filed, but what we need is filter by the lookup field.
Need help for this. Thanks


The workaround for filtering lookup fields through the API is the same as the one mentioned in Unable to filter on lookup fields?

You create an additional column of the type Formula and use the join() and totext() functions. It is the join() function that converts the array of the formula to a string. And that string can be filtered with the API.


It works. :+1:
Thanks a lot @frederikdc