How to install Baserow on Synology's docker

I‘m trying to install Baserow on my Synology driver. The situation now is that I managed to install Portainer in my docker but I can’t login into the termianal as root. So if it is possible someone give me some guidance about how to install baserow using Portainer.

To clarify, are you asking for help first on how to get Portainer working? Or do you have portainer working and you are now trying to install Baserow using Portainer?

I have portainer working and I’m now trying to install Baserow using Portainer

Hey @rebootman , could you explain the problem you are having installing Baserow with portainer in more detail? Can you provide the compose you are trying to use?

I am now solved the problem by using Taobao. I don’t know the details, but the guy helped me with remote control.