How to join 2 texts from 2 different fields?

I need get 2 text value from another table to show to another, how to ?


You can do this with a formula. The only requirement is that there is a Link to table field between the Empresas table and Clientes table.

Let us assume that this linked field has the name Linked Empresas. The formula would be:

concat(join(lookup('Linked Empresas','Razao Social'),''),join(lookup('Linked Empresas','Nome Fantasia'),''))
  • the lookup() function selects a field from the linked table
  • since the lookup() function returns a list of items, you need to convert it to a single string by using the join() function.
  • The concat() function concatenates the 2 strings.


@frederikdc Thanks this works:

concat(join(lookup('Empresa','Razão Social'),''), join(lookup('Empresa','Nome Fantasia'),''))

But I need a space between the names

How is now : Juliana LTDACasa dos freios

How I need : Juliana LTDA Casa dos freios


You can add an additional space in the formula by offering an additional argument to the formula.

concat(join(lookup('Empresa','Razão Social'),''),' ', join(lookup('Empresa','Nome Fantasia'),''))

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