How to link Baserow rows in bulk with automation

Are you looking for ways to link Baserow rows in bulk? If so, this tutorial will guide you through the steps of batch linking across tables in a database. We will cover how to link tables within a Baserow database and how to use n8n automation to streamline your workflow.

We’ll follow these steps:

  1. Set up a Baserow database
  2. Import CSV data into Baserow
  3. Define the linking key in Baserow
  4. Create a link to table field
  5. Add credentials on n8n to authenticate nodes
  6. Add the Baserow node to get rows
  7. Update corresponding rows with the Baserow node
  8. Execute and activate the workflow

Get the details.

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Can you clarify how pricing works with n8n? The Pro version has 10,000 “workplace executions with unlimited steps.”

I have a base with fifteen tables and around 350,000 records. I need to create at least 200,000 linkages between them (i.e., linking 31,000 records on the master table with 60,000 records on another table, with 20,000 records on a second table, another 10,000 on a third table, etc.)

Is a “workplace execution” the process of creating the linkage between two tables, or does it use one up for each linked record?

I’ve been manually copying numbers from one column into the second Linkage column, but that’s an incredibly tedious process, and I’ve made errors doing it. Finding a way to automate it would make life so much easier.

In AirTable, I can just duplicate the column, turned it into a link, and presto! the links appear. But AirTable’s 50,000 records-per-base limitation makes it fairly useless for this project.

Hey @TheLorax, we should ask @joffcom on the n8n pricing.

Jonathan, can you please help here?

Hey @TheLorax,

We track per execution which is the start of a workflow, If you are using a schedule that runs every 30 minutes you would consume 1 execution every 30 minutes if it is once per day it would only be one.

The interesting thing with this is even if you run a child worklfow which you would likely need to do with that amount of records it would still only be the start of the parent worklfow that counts. Generally we don’t care if your workflow has hundreds of nodes or 1 or if it handles 3 items or millions it would still only be that 1 execution that is used.

Hopefully this helps.

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