How to modify a link to table field by API?

we are migrating data from somewhere else and want to use “link to table” to create relationships between tables.
problem is the original table has a huge number of rows, so it is time-wasting to create the link between tables manually in the UI.
So I am wondering if can I fill the data in the link-to-table field automatically through API?


Hi @river, I understand it can be time consuming to create the links manually. It is unfortunately not yet possible to this in an automated way via the web frontend interface. In the future it will be possible using the “Additional import” or by converting an existing field to a link row field. From where are you migrating your data?

It is possible to make the relationships using the API. If you go to REST API documentation // Baserow or https://YOUR_SELF_HOSTED_URL/api-docs, you will see an overview of all your databases. Click on the related one to see the API documentation for the tables you have there. Click on the related table, then find the Create row or Update row endpoint to see the documentation on how to make relationships. You can optionally click on the batch mode checkbox to see how to do it in bulk.