How to Move All Fields from one Column to Another

Is there a straightforward way to move the content of a column to another?

I have a large dataset and need to move fields in a column to another column in the same table. Is there an easy way to do this, without copying 200 fields at one?

I tried using n8n to automate this, but n8n it not able to retrieve the table (out of memory errors) and it won’t retrieve it in batches either - How to Retrieve Data in Batches From Baserow - Questions - n8n.

Please let me know if there’s a way around this. Thank you.

P.S.: I’m using Baserow Cloud, if that’s relevant.


You can create a new column of the type formula. The formula will simply be a reference to the field you want to copy from: field('name of the field').

Next, you can change the type of formula column to the data type you prefer. I think this is the quickest way to move the data.

The cloud version of Baserow only supports 10 concurrent API requests. So, when using n8n you need to set the batch option on and set a certain number of requests (for example 7) for an amount of time (for example: 5 seconds).

Thank you @frederikdc .

I tried the first option i.e. using a formula. However, for some reason, ai prompt fields can’t be referenced in formulas. I tried changing the field type from ai prompt to single text, single select and rating, but that didn’t work too.

Also, n8n’s Baserow node doesn’t have the batching option, so I assume you’re using the http node in the example above. I’d like to use it but, but setting it up is not quite straightforward.

First, authentication:

The URL in Baserow’s API docs is but I get the error "
404 - “{"error": "URL_NOT_FOUND", "detail": "URL / not found."}”.

I think I’m missing out some extra queries in the URL but a quick google search or even the API doc doesn’t solve this.

Also, regarding authentication, I selected generic credential type, since Baserow is not in the predefined option. I then tried the Header Auth type with the name and database token and Basic auth, but neither worked.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

Also, is there anything I need to do in particular to get all the fields in the first 10 rows, i.e. include a query parameter, send header, send body, include response setting or anything else?

Thank you once again. I appreciate the help.

Correct, the AI field is a kind of special field because the content is generated by the external language model.

Also, n8n’s Baserow node doesn’t have the batching option, so I assume you’re using the http node in the example above.

Indeed. This means that you need to set everything yourself which can be hard if you are not used to working with the API endpoints. So, I think it is easier to try solving the “Split in batches” node problem. Does this works for the first 10 records?

Yes, when I tried the split in batches node, it split the output from the Baserow node, but the issue comes from the Baserow1 node itself - it can’t output all the data without running out of memory. Since it can’t output it all, the split in batch node is redundant. I can’t filter using the Baserow node too. Besides, even if I filter, there’s no assurance it’ll output all 100k fields.

I’m pretty sure I can figure something out using the API endpoints. I just need to make the authentication work first. If you can tell me what I’m missing out, that’ll be great.


You need 2 nodes with the HTTP request block:

  1. a POST request to get a token
  2. a GET request to the actual API endpoint

To get a token, you make a POST request to the following endpoint: In the body you create a JSON object providing your username and password

The response will be an object with an access_token property. This token remains valid for a couple of minutes.

To perform an API operation, make a request to the endpoint[id of the table]/?user_field_names=true

In the header, you set Authorization as the key name and JWT [your access_token] as the value.
The HTTP request will be default fetch 100 rows.

Hope this gets you on the way

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