How to populate a multiselect field with values using

Hello everyone,

I am new to Baserow and exploring how I can integrate it into my marketing workflow. Currently, I am testing how to create new rows in a table using

However, I’ve run into issues filling out a multiple-select field and I’m not sure what the problem is since the error message doesn’t provide more context for troubleshooting. What I do know is that the errors originated from Baserow.

I have attached a series of screenshots below to illustrate the problem.

I’d appreciate it if someone could review them and guide me on how to correctly use the create row module.

Thank you.

  1. The multiple-select field in my database within the API documentation

  1. My scenario in

  1. Results of the scenario run with 2 option names specified as an array of values

  1. Results of the scenario run with 2 option names specified as an array of collections

  1. Results of the scenario run with 2 option names specified as a string of comma-separated values, as suggested by the API documentation in 1 above.

  1. Results of the scenario run without option names being specified
    This run demonstrated that the problem lay with the multi-select field inputs since the previous errors disappeared when these inputs were excluded.

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@frederikdc could you please help out here?

Hi @olgatrykush, thank you for the warm welcome.

I’m happy to become a part of this community, seeing how active it is and how generous members are in chipping in with their ideas and suggestions. :handshake:

Above all, thank you for nurturing our curiosity about how we can use Baserow to get ahead in our work.


Thank you for your kind words @johnwu! :blue_heart:

We’re looking into your issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @johnwu, the errors are due to mapping issues. We’ve replicated your scenario and created a tutorial that addresses the errors here: How to populate a multiple select field in Baserow with Make automation // Baserow

Let’s know if there are any other concerns.


Hi @Juliet, thank you for laying out the steps. :raised_hands:

From what I can gather, I’d have to define all the possible option values for a multiselect field before using any of them when creating a row with Baserow’s API or Make module. Otherwise, the API will throw an error.

This checks out with my latest set of results below.


So that you know, what I tried doing previously was to see if the API could generate option values on the fly, yet be able to recognize duplicate entries, which we now know is not currently possible.

Thanks a lot! I look forward to improvements in the way the API works.

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