How to request in a table more that 1 field of another table?

Hello! Im trying to use Typeform with pipedream.

I have a “reservation” table and a “customers” table. The reservation has linked with customer. but only show me the name, and dont know how to acces to the others fields in customers table.

So, i have a form that requests name, phone number, etc… but when i call the table, only shows me the “customer: name” and the “id”, how can i obtain the others fields of that table just calling the primary table “reservations”?

field_524862[1] == “Customer link table”. I dont know why it show me the raw _fields.
I have this on the url; ?user_name_fields=True

value:Bonnie Raitt


Hi @Naicriz ,

This is easily done if you add a Lookup field to your table. See our user docs here for more details: Lookup Field // Baserow

Hope this helps.