How to round a number which is a result of formula?

I created a formula field in my table, but I cannot find in the docs how to round the result to a specific number of digits. Is it even possible?

Hey @pat, click ‘Edit field’ on the row with your formula, and find ‘Decimal places’, choose there the number of digits you want to see after the comma.


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@pat Would you also want a dedicated round function in the formula language itself? Perhaps if you wanted to round each cell differently or do it part way through a calculation. This does not currently exist.

I’ve created this issue to track adding this function as I think it is an important basic feature for formulas and will be very easy to add when we get around to it. Add round formula function. (#891) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab

Yes, I think that rounding each row separately would be a nice feature for the future

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Wonder if it’s worth also looking into the addition of other statistical-type of formulas? e.g.:

  • FLOOR()
  • MOD()

I was just going to ask about those functions… Those are basic functions especially modulus % which is a mathematical function like multiplication, division, addition…
Modulus or %

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^^^ Yes please!

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