How to setup (Admin) user at the first start for self-hosted version?

I started the selfhosted version and now I am able to see the login front-page = good.
But how can I login?
Is there an admin account? If so how & where do I set this?
If I try via register => the feedback is
“Network error. Could not connect to the API Server.”
How to solve this?
Thanks in advance

Hi @moonday if you are getting a Network error. Could not connect to the API Server when trying to register (the first user to register becomes the admin) then there is something misconfigured/wrong with your Baserow install.

Could you provide more details on how exactly you are running Baserow including:

  1. The commands you’ve used to start Baserow showing your env variables if set
  2. The docker version if known
  3. Are you accessing Baserow remotely from another machine? If so have you set the BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL environment variable to be the URL in your Browser that you are using access Baserow remotely?

Hi @nigel,

  1. docker run -d --name baserow -e BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL=(my url with “:port”) -v
    baserow_data/baserow/data -p 3001:80 --restart unless-stopped baserow/baserow:1.10.1
  2. Version 20.10.14
  3. I have a specific http port => standard is not possible to use

Anything that will tell you something?

Hm, that all looks correct to me.

Could you try:

  1. Adding the following two flags to your docker run command and restarting:
  1. In your browser if you know how could you open your network debugger window, in Firefox I can see mine by right clicking on the page, selecting Inspect and then in opened panel selecting the network tab.
  2. Trying to sign up again
  3. If you see an error again, you should see a red request in your network tab, could you note down any error message/response for this request.
  4. Once you see the error, save the docker logs by docker logs baserow > logs.txt
  5. Finally PMing me logs.txt and/or the network error from the browser if you managed to find it. (if you aren’t comfortable with sending all the docker logs, I am hoping to see an error message at the time at which you try to sign up and so just that section anonymized will also help)

Thanks for your patience!

Separately, could you check if you can access (my url with “:port”)/api/redoc? This should show the backend API docs indicating you can actually access the backend service or an error if something is misconfigured in the backend service. The error should be more descriptive if you have added the -e BASEROW_BACKEND_DEBUG=on flag.

One final thing worth checking @moonday is if your BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL starts with a http:// or https://. This variable must be a valid url and start with either one of these prefixes.

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Hi @nigel thanks for all the input.
Although mails still don’t work we somehow managed to make it work & do the log in.
The not-working of E-Mails may be due to the constellation of things.

By the way, although I am aware of the documentation I think making a ready to deploy droplet via digital ocean would make it really a lot more easy to start right away.
I will check further and come back if needed on this topic.

I start to realize that I miss some really needed common features (that make it easy to work with the software) - But for those I will open up another threads.