How to sync Baserow and


I would like to sync a Bubble database with a Baserow database using Bubble API Connector.

I have read this article How to integrate Bubble with Baserow, but my needs are different than the example used (add information to a table on Baserow from an app).

Here are my needs :

  • Need 1 : Create new Things in Bubble from Baserow
  • Need 2 : Update existing Things in Bubble from Baserow
  • Need 3 : Update Baserow row from a Things field in Bubble (ex: Bubble ID)

I am very novice in API and really need your help please.

For the moment, I am stuck for Need 1 :sweat_smile:
From what I have read, the correct API request for Need 1 is List row. Do you confirm?

Here is what I have done so far (in Bubble):

  • Create a Baserow API
  • Create a List row API call
  • In Backend workflows, create a New API workflow

And here I do not know which action I should use :

I tried with Create a new thing, Make changes to a list of things, Copy a list of things, without success.

Maybe I am on the wrong path if List row API request is not the correct one for Need 1. What do you think? If List row API request is the correct one for Need 1, do you have any suggestions to make it work?

Thank you for your precious help :pray:

PS: I had initially embedded screenshots for each action I have made so far but was unable to post more than 1 media as I am a new user, so do not hesitate you need more info to understand my case.

Hello @mossoc, welcome to the Baserow community! :wave:

@Harsh, @Siddharth, and @iAmYoussef, I know that you folks have some experience with Bubble. Would any of you be able to help @mossoc with this request?

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Are you sure you want to have some activity in bubble from beserow.
I mean typically the flow is like we create different sort of rows, update tables or delete rows and tables in baserow via bubble. In this case the bubble is the front end and baserow is the backend.

But you are saying that you need to do things in bubble from your baserow dashboard ?

Thank you for your answer @Siddharth :pray:

Yes, for my Bubble app I want to use Bubble for my front and backend and not “Get data from external API” for several reasons (option sets, workload usage, more flexibility in using :filtered operator …).

However, I find it very not not handy to manage database directly in Bubble.
This is where Baserow step in.

So I would like to sync Baserow with Bubble database.
For the first need I mention in my initial post (Need 1 : Create new Things in Bubble from Baserow), I think I should be able to do it using Bulk action :

But what I have tried so far is not successful.

Here is what I have done so far (in Bubble):

And here I do not know which action I should use :

Would you have any suggestions?

Hello @olgatrykush, thank you for mentioning community members that could potentially help me :pray:
For information, we just had a call with @Siddharth but he was not able to solve my query which is to create a list of Things in Bubble database from Baserow.
Maybe what I want to do is not possible or too complex.
I’ll give an update if I find a solution!


Thanks for the update @mossoc. I hope you’ll find a solution soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Siddharth, thanks for helping out here. :blue_heart:

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