How to use self hosted version

Make a video on self hosted version of baserow.

Hi @Kuldeep.pilaniya,

The most convenient way would be to run Baserow as a single Docker image, you can find our guide here: Install with Docker // Baserow.

You can try it and let us know if some instructions are unclear or insufficient.

We will surely have more materials in the future!


Hi! I’m struggling with running Docker.

I’m getting it running on the CLI, and Docker Desktop shows that it’s running, getting "
[BACKEND][2022-03-29 09:37:51] - “GET /_health/ HTTP/1.1” 200e(B" in the status — BUT I’m getting on the browser:

This page isn’t working

localhost didn’t send any data.

Is this a config error, user error, or something else?

(I’m running latest Chrome, on Mac OS Big Sur)

Hi @yawnxyz ,

Could you let me know:

  1. The exact url you are visiting in your browser
  2. The exact command you are running Baserow with (feel free to anonymize any variables)
  3. The result of docker -v?