How to use Zapier to add a linked field in Baserow

I have 3 tables:

  1. Candidate submissions with candidate email & other details
  2. Screened Candidates with candidate email & screening status, score etc
  3. Candidate Candidature with linked candidate email field.

Currently, I have a form for Candidate Candidature table to add candidates one by one & link candidates by email but I have 200+ records to do everyday.

How do we automate this?

Can you explain your database structure more in depth?

  • First table: Submission with all the information about a candidate
  • Second table: Screened candidates that has a linked field to the submission and additional fields with scores, status,…
  • What is exactly in the third table?
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Figured it out using Zapier.

Third table basically had one linked field ( email ) to 1st table & 3-4 lookup fields.

So, got to know that you can add a linked field by using their IDs instead of values in order to work.