I am not able to sync my airtable base to baseraw. Timeout error

Can you please increase timing so i can import my base?

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Hello @369, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Can we ask you how big your database is?

How can I measure? I have more than 6,000 lines with around 30 columns and have 4-5 tables. Have pictures attached, receipts. If you can extend the time then I would be able to sync it to baseraw

Good morning @369,

Ordinarily, that kind of import should be processed relatively promptly, but as you have a lot of media, it’s possible that it’s causing the import to take longer than our 30-minute cut-off.

A quick fix would be to temporarily increase the BASEROW_JOB_SOFT_TIME_LIMIT setting (documentation available here) to 45-60 minutes, and trying your import again.

I hope this helps, have a great day!


in which file should I add BASEROW_JOB_SOFT_TIME_LIMIT ? is it in env.sh ? I use docker in cloudron

Hello @369 - apologies for the slow reply. Yes if you put BASEROW_JOB_SOFT_TIME_LIMIT=NEW_VALUE into your env.sh then all of your jobs, including importing Airtable bases, will now have a maximum duration of NEW_VALUE.