I can't count elements in a linked table

There is a formula that works for one of the connected pivot tables count(field(‘Courses available for verification’))

I now want to get the number of elements for the third pivot table count(field(‘Learners’)) but I get an error
Error with formula: both inputs for when_empty must be the same type.

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @mirrox, could you please elaborate a bit more on your issue? Did you use the count field type?

Hello. I’m doing this and I don’t understand what’s wrong((

Hey, in this case, it’s better to use the count field type:

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Thank you very much. The version that does not support such a field. Apparently it won’t work. I will try to ask the client to update the server solution, but most likely he will not agree.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve advertised baserow before. Now I will praise you even more!

Then the formula you provided should work. I tested it myself and it worked fine: count(field('Team members'))

Can you please try refreshing the page and creating it again?