If two users are working on the same table, formulas are not updated

I have two users working on the same table.

One of the fields is a concat formula (surname space name).

If I change the formula with something different, let’s say “surname|name”,
the change is shown also in the other user’s table, but the formula is not updated.

Is this a bug?


Hey @Baserow_rookie :wave:

I have experienced a delay values in the table not being updated right away with lookup formulas, but I haven’t experienced the formula itself not updating.

Have you tried looking on GitLab to see if the problem exists? That’s always a good first place to look: Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab

Hey, I’ve been able to reproduce your issue and have created this gitlab issue tracking the fix:

One question I have, if you have the formula edit box open and another use edits the formula and changes it what should happen:

  • Should the formula in your edit box instantly update to match the new one? What if you’ve made changes? Should those changes be removed instantly and replaced with the new formula?
  • Should you only see realtime changes to the formula if you’ve not made any changes and/or you close and open the edit box?
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I uderstand this is a complex decision because we’re facing a very similar problem with a project we’re working on.

But I prefer the second solution: If I’m editing the formula I don’t like my work disappears without a clear reason.

Said this, I think that I have to receive a pop-up with a message that sounds like “Warning! User XYZ changed the formula you are working on! If you save now, you’ll overwrite his/her formula. Pay attention!”

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