Image and color picker for avatar

Just a tip for some future releases:
can you “teach” baserow to make every user’s round icon in a different color? This is not essential (in terms of functionality), so will probably have low priority in your release plan, but can make thing more clear (better visual differentiation). Having different character in a circle but with the same color is not enough I think.
Simply randomized color, but never the same for different users.

Here is a screenshot from my table with columns: modified date&time, modified by, created date&time, created by:

Btw. being able to add a profile photo for baserow users (team members) would be also a very nice one… Could be edited (added) by admin user(s) or/and by user himself.

That’s something I also personally lack in Baserow. Let me discuss it with the team. :ok_hand:

Hey @marcus, I’ve checked with the team, and this is already part of the re-branding we are currently conducting. In the new styling, it’ll be possible to add an image or use a color picker for avatars.