🧑‍💻 Imagine using FlutterFlow to build a mobile app with all the data stored in a Baserow database

A solid backend database helps process data and provide relevant information to make an app more efficient. Baserow database provides an easy way to integrate data with any external system.

Learn how to build a fully functional app fast with no-code tools Baserow and FlutterFlow:
→ How to set up your Baserow database as a backend.
→ How to get data into the Baserow database.
→ Passing data along to your FlutterFlow app.
→ How to display the data on the frontend Flutterflow app.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial with screenshots :point_right: How to Display Baserow data in your Flutterflow app // Baserow.


This looks great, been meaning to play with FlutterFlow for a while.

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