Implement paste (the other friend of copy/paste) and the ability to select an entire line in one click

Hello, the March 2022 version of baserow implements the possibility to select multiple cells and click on “Copy”, great :smiley:


but… I don’t see the possibility to click somewhere on “Paste


Also when we have a table with more than 20 columns, and we want to select all the row, it’s very annoying to have to scroll horizontally to the edge of the screen until the end of the row, we could have a location on the row where to click to select all the whole line at once (as in Calc or Excel)

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Hey @Vincent, multiple cell paste is going to be published in the next release (version 1.10).

Yeah, that’s a bit annoying, and we’ll definitely release a solution to be able to copy and paste some areas at once soon. I’ll discuss this with the team at the nearest meeting.

Good news ! Thanks for your replies and your help @olgatrykush


Hey-hey, what are your thoughts on how the selection of the whole row should work? We agree that this is a useful feature, so would be great to brainstorm together on what is the best way to implement this. Do you think that Excel has the best solution for it?

Double clicking on the row ID might be one way? Also an option when right clicking on a row would be nice:

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IMO, the best way is to do it like Calc and Excel : a single click on the row number. The people are used to the Calc or Excel way, and it’s the effortlesser.

And what is also important, is the possibility to select multiple rows. To see if as in Calc or Excel, when you click on another line number, it deselects the previous selected line. From my point of view yes, because it’s a quick way to deselected everything we had selected.
In this case it is also necessary to implement the CTRL+Click to be able to select several whole lines.
CTRL+click or not, you also have to implement SHIFT+click on the line number, to be able to select in one click the part between what is already selected and what you add with SHIFT+Click.

Hey @Vincent! Another great news for you :blush:

We made it possible to select the entire row via the row context menu :point_down: