Import a CSV file with 5000+ rows


I’ve tried to import a CSV file with 5000+ rows but Baserow showed to me the message, that I can’t add more then 5000 rows.

In pricing page, Pricing // Baserow, the number of rows and table are Unlimited.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I import 5000+ rows tables?

Thank you all

Hi @nyx, welcome to the Baserow community! The amount of rows are indeed unlimited and you’re not doing anything wrong. We currently have a temporary import restriction of 5000 rows in the hosted version at This is going to change after the release of 1.11 when we’re going to make lots of improvements to the importing.

You can use the self hosted version and you can import as much rows as you want there. Or in the hosted version, you can import 5000 or less rows and from there you can create more if you want. Alternatively, if you have the technical skills, you can also use API to import data.

thank you! I’ll try to do it via API.

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