Import csv with a ; in the text

When i have a csv with a ; somewhere in the text the import splits the fieldtext at the ; mark and puts it into another column.

So the import function uses , and ; at the same time when importing a csv instead of only using ,

I tested with a table exported as csv from the latest Baserow version and then imported the data again.

1,Tesla;,This is a test,True
2,Amazon,This; is a test,False

By the way, exporting a csv file doesn’t work immediately. I have to change the url before i can export a csv file. I made another topic about that.

I’ve looked at your CSV file, but it seems to work as expected to me. I’ve exported your CSV contents to a file and tried to import that in Baserow. You can use the “Column separator” dropdown to choose how you want to separate the CSV file, either , and ; works as expected to me.

The exports are written to disk and offered as download indeed. In order for it to work you must configure the persistent files, which should work out of the box with most self hosting solutions.