⚠️ Important! PostgreSQL 15 upgrade in the Docker image

The all-in-one Docker image (baserow/baserow), now contains PostgreSQL 15 embedded. If you’re adding the DATABASE_* environment variables, then nothing changes for you, but if you don’t, then you’re using the embedded PostgreSQL database. Because this is an upgrade from version 11 to 15, you need to run a manual step to update your data. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you. All information about the upgrade can be found here Install with Docker // Baserow.

We recommend backing up your data volume before attempting the data upgrade.

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It’s important to add that this is only since baserow/baserow:1.24.0. If you upgrade to that version, then you would need to run a step manually as described on the page, or switch to the legacy baserow/baserow-pg11:1.24.0 one.

Does the team have guidance on how to migrate a database stored on another host?

There is no need to migrate a database stored on another host. The upgrade to PostgreSQL 15 is only happening if you’re using the internal/embedded PostgreSQL database server in the all-in-one (baserow/baserow) image. This is automatically the case if you don’t configure DATABASE_* env variables. If you have configured the DATABASE_* env vars, then you’re using an external database, and you don’t have to do anything.