Importing from a SQLite file?

How have you self-hosted Baserow.

Google Compute Engine + Google SQL

What are the specs of the service or server you are using to host Baserow.

4GB, 2vCPU

Which version of Baserow are you using.


Describe the problem

Hi folks, I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this question and the answer is “no”, but I was wondering:

Does anybody have any good ideas for automating or semi-automating import of relational data from a SQLite file database?

I know I can export the tables one-by-one as flat files and import them that way, and then manually recreate the foreign key linkages between the tables, but does are there any better / less tedious ways to go about it?



There is no out of the box functionality for this, but luckily Baserow is an open source product. I have created a workflow in n8n that allows me to export databases from one workspace and user to another. This is useful to me because I work in education and want to share bases with my students so that they all can work on their own copy.

But I think that your scenario is more or less similar. You will need to parse the lines from your SQLite file and make the appropriate calls to the API of your base to create the data structure and import the data.


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