Imports from .CSV files - problem

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I’m reviewing Baserow. I’ve tried to Import an Excel CSV file into Baserow. The values fields are imported as text ! I’ve tried with and without a top row as field names with no success. I’ve also tried cutting and pasting data from the CSB file into Baserow but still, the values are imported as text. If I convert the field type in Baserow to numbers the field contents are erased by Baserow. How can I Import values from a CSV file into Baserow ?

Please advise how to resolve this issue. Also, once a Baserow table has been set up, how can I import additional data from a CSV file eg next month banking transaction, or new records of any kind from an external source. Obviously, having to enter data manually into Baserow would be very time consuming and render Baserow useless for me and my organisation.

Is there a currency field type in Baserow.

I consider the above expectations and requirements basic and essential.

Thanks for your help


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Hello @cybertench, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

That’s true, all field values are imported as text. After the import, you can convert the fields to their equivalent Baserow fields.

You should be able to convert the text field type to the number field type without losing the data. Tagging @jrmi here, maybe he has some ideas on why it didn’t work for you.

how can I import additional data from a CSV

It is possible to import data into an existing table, you can find a detailed description of this feature in our user documentation here: Import data into an existing table // Baserow.

Not yet, but we plan to add this field type to Baserow in the future. You can track the progress by following this issue: Currency field (#489) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

In general, you can read more on how to create a table via import via this link: Create a table via import // Baserow. Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

As @Olga said, It should work. I’ve just tested it with one of my file and it seems to be working with the last version so may be it’s an issue related with the content of the file. Can you post me an extract of your file without confidential data that doesn’t work?