Install baserow with an external database


How can I install budibase with another database that the one we have to create ? I am using the install on Ubuntu script.

I need the database to be the SQL database (postgres) in Google Cloud.

Thanks a lot

Hi @ozzz,

Are you using Baserow or Budibase? If Budibase we can’t help you here and I would suggest you ask in their forums.

To do this in Baserow you should follow this section of the guide Installation on Ubuntu // Baserow ensure you set the DATABASE_NAME , DATABASE_USER, DATABASE_PASSWORD, DATABASE_HOST and DATABASE_PORT environment variables to point at your GCP postgres instance. (Edit /etc/supervisor/conf.d/baserow.conf's environment section to set the above environemnt variables to the correct values, then you should follow the section After modifying these files you need to make supervisor reread the files and apply the changes. in the Installation on Ubuntu guide to reload the config and restart Baserow)


Thanks a lot!

Sorry for getting confused about the name :frowning:

Haha no worries just wanted to make sure i wasn’t about to tell you to do something entirely incorrect :smiley: