Install on bare metal

Hello, I’m somewhat unfamiliar with Docker and my infrastructure is not set up correctly to use docker containers. I was wondering if there are any current instructions on how to set up Baserow on baremetal. Specifically I would like to deploy this in a VM. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Here you can find documentation on how to install Baserow.

The instructions for bare metal say they are outdated, I would like to install it outside of Docker

There is a new version of that guide.

Edit: Oh wait that is also using Docker. :crazy_face:

The bare metal instructions should still work. We just no longer officially support or recommend people following them. There are lots of manual steps involved and it’s generally very easy for less technical users to miss a step and end up with things not working.

Thank you, I will try and post results.


I’m currently stuck on this part
getting a lot of errors of modules not found
./node_modules/nuxt/bin/nuxt.js build --config-file config/nuxt.config.local.js

@arakhlev can you let me know what node version you have installed? We only support node 12 currently. Also can you provide the exact errors? Finally can you confirm that your yarn install worked and installed all the dependencies? Thanks