Installation path on Cloudron and Logo Update

Hello all,
I’ve tried to look at contents insider the native file manager but it shows only a “media” folder and that has several dozens of random images.
Media > User Files | Thumbnails > User Files:

I tried to use Filezilla to see all the files/folders but i’m lost. I tried looking at home > yellowtent > appdata but it didn’t help.

Could you please point me to the directory where I can upload our logo?

I’d like to have our logo besides baserow or in place of baserow. Also is there a way to add a hyperlink to our logo - where do I need to add this code?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @code12! Sorry for the delay with the reply, the white-labeling is going to be an enterprise feature that we’ll be working on in version 1.13 (you can check the official roadmap on the website). For now, you can get this done only if someone from your team has technical experience as you need to fork Baserow. We don’t have a tutorial or explanation for it.

Hey @olgatrykushi I completely understand.

Will it be possible for you to just point me to the path/directory on cloudron where any Baserow files be found?

Hey @code12, I’ll ask the engineering team :grinning:

Hey @code12! Files are located here: web-frontend/modules/core/static/img · develop · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab. Please notice that you cannot change the logo directly in the Cloudron version, what you need to do is to fork Baserow, update the files, then rebuild Baserow and launch. Also, if you fork Baserow, you’ll need to set up all upcoming updates manually. If you don’t have enough technical expertise it might be complicated to do all these steps, and, in this case, we advise you to wait until the Enterprise version is live.

I apologize for the delay with the response, due to a team trip and holidays all meetings have been postponed to this week.