Installing own databases as templates


It’s not completely clear to us how the API endpoints /template and /applications work. We were wondering whether it was possible to use one of the databases we previously created as private template to jump start new projects. Is this possible via the API? If so, which API endpoint should we use?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @maurizio.moreschi,

Creating a template is possible only through management commands at the moment (Create a template // Baserow), by calling export_group_applications first and then using the command sync_templates to add it to Baserow.

But once that is done, a database can be created via API from a template, see Baserow API spec

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Hi @petrs ,

Thanks for the quick reply. At the moment we are still building the database in the hosted app, because we want to familiarize ourselves a bit more with the codebase of Baserow before self-hosting for production. In case we would want to migrate/duplicate a database from the hosted app to the self-hosted instance is this something that we do ourselves or that can possibly be arranged together with the technical team of Baserow?

I see!

Yes, we are happy to export a workspace to our JSON format (or other import/export format we will support) if you are comfortable importing it yourself afterwards in your self-hosted instance via the command line.

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