Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday [August]

Hello community :wave:

This is a thread to welcome all of our new Baserow members. Maybe you are new to the community and still figuring it out, or maybe you’ve been here for a while but haven’t had the chance to say hello! Either way, we want to welcome you into our family of tinkerers, so don’t be shy — pop in and introduce yourself! We’re already happy to e-meet you :hugs:

:question: New members! Please reply below to introduce yourself and tell us: What emojis do you associate databases with?



I’m Francois. I lead a data systems (full stack data science and analytics) team. I am currently evaluating baserow for internal users (but external to my team) to maintain requirements. So far so good, running it inside LXD containers. Next step will be to use an external database and figure out versioning and traceability.

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Hello Francois, nice to e-meet you and welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Feel free to share your feedback once you finished testing Baserow!

Hey There,

I’m Jon, I am a community engineer for which involves answering support questions and making changes to the nodes we have. During the evenings and weekends I am working on producing a bed for my dog that it won’t be able to destroy easily.

For both of these things I am using Baserow, I am also in the process of writing a couple of blog posts to share a bit more on how I use n8n at home and how I integrate it with n8n which I look forward to sharing with everyone soon.

When I think of databases the first thing I think is :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I like how much easier Baserow makes life.


Hello Jonathan, happy to see you here :wave:

As soon as you come up with this kind of bed, tell me. I’ll buy 2 :sweat_smile:
My dogs destroyed 4 beds so far, so I stopped buying new ones and started repairing them by myself :roll_eyes:

And we love hearing that Baserow makes your life easier!

My name is Nicolas. I’m the IT manager for a chartered acounting firm. We rely a lot on process automation therefore we do a lot of tech innovation monitoring.
Very excited about Baserow. I’m new to the no-code philosophy but it sure looks promising. Especially for niche market (like ours) neglected by the software industry.
With Baserow we plan to build a document workflow monitoring tool. The idea is to help two distinct departements working together efficiently. This will be plug onto a Metabase server to produce smart dashboard.
By the way, including a data visualisation/dashboarding tool, would be a challenging but great move (or a metabase db driver…).
We are also considering using Baserow as a questionnaire tool to collect data from our client. But I fear the form tool will not be sophisticated enough though, not fully explored yet.
Congrats for the succesful fundraising, you deserve it !


Hello @Nicolas! It’s nice to e-meet you :wave:

Thanks for your kind words about Baserow. Regarding forms: in the next release, 1.12 we will introduce a new update to forms so that our users could build forms in a survey style. If you plan to collect data from clients, this new feature may be useful to you :slightly_smiling_face:

And we would love to hear more about the project you plan to build with Baserow — a workflow monitoring tool, feel free to share all the details in the category Made with Baserow.

Actually, a lot of people are requesting us to add a visualization/dashboard chapter to Baserow. Even though it’s definitely not our priority at this stage, but we’re discussing it internally. Your vote is added :raised_hands:


hello, I am a meat popsicle.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hi @baserow.rvor6! Then it’s your turn to tell us a bit more about yourself. From your bio, I can see that you are an open source advocate, which open source software do you like the most?