Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday [November/December]

Hello-hello :wave:

This is a thread to welcome all of our new Baserow members. Maybe you are new to the community and still figuring it out, or maybe you’ve been here for a while but haven’t had the chance to say hello! Either way, we want to welcome you to our community, so don’t be shy — pop in and introduce yourself!

Don’t know what to tell? Use the template below:

  • My current role is:
  • My current location is:
  • You can ask me about:
  • I use Baserow for:
  • I like Baserow for:

Please reply below to introduce yourself! We’re already happy to e-meet you :hugs:

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Hey Baserowers, thanks for the onboarding @olgatrykush. I’m very happy to take part of this community and i hope we will share and care each others! :smiley:

  • My current role is: Automation Consultant
  • My current location is: Brussels, Belgium
  • You can ask me about: Automation tools (Zapier and Make and soon n8n) :slight_smile: and also
  • I use Baserow for: Replace Airtable asap :smiley:
  • I like Baserow for: Open Source, Speed and the team behind! :wink:
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Hello Youssef, we’re happy to see you here — thank you for joining the Baserow community! :heart_hands:

Hello baserow members !

  • My current role is: founder at Nokodeurs a french IT services company specialised in opensource nocode/lowcode solutions
  • My current location is: France
  • You can ask me about: open source, baserow competitors (open source or not), projects, methodology, …
  • I use Baserow for: replace Airtable. Can’t wait for the new App Builder :slight_smile:
  • I like Baserow for: its simplicity to use. Its performance. And its extensibility
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Welcome to the Baserow community @Badr, and thank you for the into. :heart_hands: