Invalid URL while connecting to Zapier webhook

I am getting an error when creating a webhook.

My baserow is self hosted & I am using Zapier to catch the webhook.

Error: Invalid URL.

The webhook URL is invalid, inaccessible or prohibited.

What is the problem here?

Hey @swarnendu ,

Could you provide the URL that you were trying to use?

You mean the Zapier URL?

The URL that throws the error.

I assume that it’s the one you insert here?

It’s a Zapier URL. What I did is set the allow all url addresses variable to true in webhook configuration. What’s happenning now is it is returning Server unreachable for all ones I test.

I can’t verify if the url is valid if you aren’t sharing the URL.

Can you try using as your URL and see if you get a 200? If that’s the case the issue isn’t with Baserow but with Zapier or the URL you inserted.

Tested with the above URL. Same. This is what I get for all URLs.

In that case you have probably not configured your backend correctly to be able to send requests to servers on the internet.

Did you follow any guide to set up your environment or have you set any environment variables?


Before setting this to true, I used to get this error - The webhook URL is invalid, inaccessible or prohibited.

Post setting this to true, I am getting the above.

Is there anything else I missed?

Hey @swarnendu,

Which docker network type are you using? My initial thought is it is set to host or private, maybe changing to bridge will help.