Inventory Managment in Baserow

After looking at multiple options I am looking into the following solution. I will start with a table in Baserow with my beginning inventory items and SKUs. With another table I will create an automated link csv file into Baserow for orders sold (hopefully this will just add new rows and orders are sent as csv files). This will contain SKUs and quantity sold. In Baserow I will also have another table for vendor orders for additional quantity by SKU’s (these rows I will manually add). Finally, I’ll have a 4th table that adds my beginning inventory, subtracts sales orders, and adds vendor orders by SKU’s to give me my total current inventory level by SKU. Of course I know nothing about databases and this might be a terrible way to create this. Open to better solutions or how to create this. I’ve created the 4 tables but I can’t figure out how to get the final current inventory table to add and subtract quantities by SKU from the other tables. Thanks

Hello @Alpha, you can check these templates to see best practices on how to handle inventory management in Baserow: Car Dealership Inventory, Restaurant Management :raised_hands:

In order to help you with your particular use case, we need to ask you to provide a bit more details. Maybe you can do a few screenshots or elaborate a bit more on your problem.