Is baserow a good match for a certificate portal?


I am interested in using Baserow for a project which involves a database of training in medicine. There is a list of forms which capture exam results and the number of users would be around 300, maximally 1000.
I’ve noticed that baserow is more about several users collaborating on a table whereas this would be a case of one individual table per user which is shared only with their supervisor(s).

Hence my question would baserow match this requirement?

Many thanks,

Hi daud,

An interesting case. I checked the template library, but there is not a similar case yet.

First off all, I think you need to review your data structure. If I understand the case well, you have a table with students, a table with trainings and a table that matches a student with a training. Something like this:


  • Name
  • Firstname
  • E-mail
  • Supervisor (link to supervisor table)


  • Name
  • Firstname


  • Code
  • Name
  • Description
  • Link to form with exam


  • Id
  • Student (link to the student table)
  • Training (link to the trainings table)
  • Score
  • Certified (formula field: true if score is sufficient)

Next, you need to make sure that supervisors can only see their own students. As far as I know there are no row-based permissions in Baserow, so you need to work around this. My recommendation is to work with personal views where a supervisor can only see his own students.