Is importing Seatable or Airtable database into Baserow possible?


I would like to import some data from another service, software like Airtable and Seatable to Baserow. Have you guys ever thought about developing an algorithm to import data from Airtable and Seatable to Baserow?

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This is already possible.

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Hey @anon7289648 :wave:

@Peter here is correct—importing from Airtable has been possible since version 1.9 of Baserow.

You can import your base by clicking on the “Create new” button in the left sidebar, then on “Database” and finally on “Import from Airtable." After that, you can follow the instructions described there.

I’m a bit unfamiliar with Seatable, but even if a native import function doesn’t currently exist between the two, I’m guessing you could probably export to CSV or perhaps JSON from Seatable, and then import that into Baserow.

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