Is it possible to generate PDF files in Baserow?

For example, I would like to pick up the data from my Baserow table and create a PDF file with this information and with this data, so I could share with some people some reports.

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Hello @anon7289648, no, it’s not possible to generate PDF files in Baserow. We will add this feature, but not in the nearest releases :sweat_smile:

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Hey @anon7289648,

Even though the functionality to create a PDF from a Baserow table natively doesn’t currently exist, you still can achieve this using online JSON to PDF converters such as this one.


  1. Export your Baserow table
  2. Download the JSON file
  3. Upload the JSON file to the linked converter (or any other one that you find)

I just tried a handful of these converters online and they all worked.

Heads up: If I were you, I’d check the privacy policies and do some research on any converters you find online, especially if you’re handling sensitive info. Many “free” online converters store/mine the stuff that’s uploaded to them. This isn’t to say they’re all bad, just exercise caution and use good judgement.


HI @anon7289648 I’d recommend you can use a webhook to send the data to Zapier or Integromat and create your PDF that way :slight_smile:


I like this one Convert JSON to PDF Online | WTOOLS


Old topic but thought I’d add a note. A couple of high (or at least medium-high) tech solutions were suggested. But there is also a low (or at least OLD) tech approach that works just fine: copy and paste.

  • Create a grid view in Baserow that filters to show just the records and fields that you want
  • Create a “template” — a pre-formatted shell document — in the platform you want to use for your pdf output.
  • Select all the records in the Baserow report view, copy, and paste into your shell document
  • Save-as or print-to PDF

This is how I create invoices. I’m using Airtable but hope to switch to Baserow as soon as possible. Both Airtable and Baserow allow me to select a range of records and columns, just like copying a range in a spreadsheet. (NOTE: This something I cannot do in many other database platforms, like FileMaker.)

For my PDF output template, I use Google Sheets but of course this could be done with Excel, Word, whatever. If you’re doing a mail merge, you can create your Word + Excel merge document pair, and simply paste the data into the Excel file when you need to do a new report.

If I had a ton of reports to run out of Airtable (or Baserow) I would definitely look into automating the process. But every integration introduces a new potential point of failure in your system.


Hello @WilliamPorterTech! Thanks for sharing your tips. Can I also ask you to create a separate topic in the Tips&Tricks category and re-share your suggestions there as well? The question on how to generate PDF files in Baserow is quite popular, so it might be useful to have a separate topic with the best workarounds posted in that category.

Thanks again for your contribution, we always appreciate the community involvement :blue_heart:

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