Is it possible to visualize poll results when a user submits their response on an embedded poll?

I’m looking for a solution to create simple, one-question multiple choice polls that can be embedded on a blog and graph the results when a user submits their response.

I’ve read through the Baserow documentation and it looks like polls can be built and embedded into sites, but I can’t find anything on what the results look like after a user submits.

I’m hoping to figure this out before I go through the effort of installing Baserow. My goal is to mimic reddit’s polling functionality (very simple) with a self-hosted solution, and other software like LimeSurvey, etc., are entirely too complex for what I’m looking for.


Hello @halphalp, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

You can create a one-question form (but it’s not the same as Reddit’s polling functionality), and when your recipients submit your form, an answer will show up as a new record at the bottom of a grid view of your table.

Let me show you:

So, form data that has been filled and submitted will instantly create a new record in the grid view (the one you took a question for your form from) of your table.

Hope it helps!