Is possible to change target iframe?

Hi every one !!

In the process of using an iframe, when creating a link within the iframe, it’s not possible to specify a target, so the content is refreshed only within the iframe. Is there a feature to specify a target with iframe?

Hello @kji96, thanks for reporting this.

You can use _target attribute to specify how you want a link to be opened.

For example, if you want to open the link in a new browser tab you can add _target="blank" to your <a> tag inside the iframe:

<a href="" _target="blank">Baserow</a>

Thanks @afonso,
in my opinion, your example case is embed iframe option.

but, i want use url option.
i want use, made Header with buttons.
the other pages has iframe, it has that Header page.

  1. how to know target name?(appbuilder iframe has not name or id)
  2. how to assign target button element? (appbuilder button or link element has not target setting)

how can i do?

Hello @kji96

From what I understand you have a application builder page that contains the header and buttons and you want to re-use that page in other pages to make it act as a navigation menu?

That’s a use case that we have in our backlog, to be able to create menu elements like you described. Unfortunately, it is not implement yet, but you can track its progres in this ticket: Add a menu element (#2487) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

About the iframe, if you are using the url option I am afraid there is no way to tell the embed content which target to use for the links.