Is the premium selfhosted version already accessible?

Hello, we want to try baserow on our own servers (VM selfhosted) with the docker image and if possible try the features of the “premium” version.
I’ve read that we have to pay a license of 5$/month.
Is the premium version already available now ?
Are the premium features included in the docker image ?
And what is the url to pay the licence ?

Thanks in advance for your answers !

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Hello @Vincent! We’re happy to hear that you’re interested in the premium version :hugs:

For now, only GitHub sponsors are getting early access to it. You can become one via this link: Sponsor @bram2w on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub.

More information can be found here: Premium // Baserow.

Hello Olga, thanks four your explanation, I’ve just sponsored the project on github a few minutes ago :slight_smile: Can you tell me what is the next step to test the premium version (selhosted) ?

@Vincent, thank you so much for becoming a Baserow sponsor, it’s much appreciated :blue_heart:

Please send an email to and state your GitHub name, whether you’re using the hosted or self-hosted version and if you’re using the self-hosted version your instance ID. Your Baserow instance ID can be found in the admin licenses section. After that, Bram will organize access to the Premium version for you!