Issue with captital field name in forms prefill

Hi all!

Here is a non-blocking issue: we are using UUID fields to anonymize pre-filled forms and we realized that fields with only capital letters (as UUID) are not taken into account when using prefill_UUID=xxx of hide_UUID but it does work for uuidfor instance.


Hello @asan,

a UUID field cannot be used in a form, because it’s a readonly field and the value is automatically assign to every row. Do you maybe mean a text field that you’re using as a UUID?

In this case, can your problem be related to this issue instead Support both field name and displayed name for form prefills (#1576) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab ?

No, I really meant a UUID type field but we cannot reproduce the bug so may be it came from an other reasons :thinking:
However, even UUID cannot be used in a form, it can be passed in the URL parameters as hidden and prefill values (this is usefull for webhooks for instance).