Issue with creating new Tables via API


I’m trying to create new tables via API which works fine. However, I have a problem when I try to create the row headers.

I use n8n to create the HTTP call.

I use the following expression as body payload as described in the manual:

“name”:"{{$node[“Set: Mock Webhook data”].json[“Job ID”] }}_{{ $json[“File Name”]}}_raw",
“data”: [“test1”, “test2”],
“first_row_header”: true

The created table now looks like this:

My goal is to use Test1 and Test2 as row headers for the first two columns.

I have already tried a few things but I just can’t find the error. Does anyone have a tip where the error could be?

Baserow Version: 1.13.3, selfhosted on docker
n8n: 0.209.2, selfhosted on docker

my n8n setup to generate the http API POST call

solved it

used as expression in n8n

gives an array which is then correctly used by Baserow

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Does our node not support making new tables? I will add it to the list :slightly_smiling_face: