Issue with Date Sorting in Columns – Sorting Numerically Instead of Chronologically

Hello Baserow Community,

I am encountering an issue with the sorting functionality for date columns within Baserow. When attempting to sort a date column, the sorting appears to be done numerically (from 1 to 9) rather than chronologically (from the oldest to the most recent date). This behavior seems inconsistent with the expected functionality of sorting dates.

Details of the Issue:

  • Column Type: Date
  • Observed Behavior: The sorting of dates is following a numerical pattern (1 to 9) rather than sorting dates in chronological order.
  • Expected Behavior: Dates should be sorted chronologically, allowing for a clear view of records from the oldest to the most recent.

This issue is impacting my ability to efficiently analyze time-sensitive data, as the current sorting method doesn’t provide a true chronological sequence of events or records.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Are there any known workarounds or fixes that I might have overlooked? Your assistance or any updates on resolving this anomaly would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter :slight_smile:


I the date field a field where you manually enter a date (or through the calendar) or a formula field that calculates a certain date?

Hello @frederikdc ,

In response to your question, I manually input the dates into the Date type column. I do this either directly or by using the built-in calendar. It is not a formula field that calculates a specific date. I hope this clarification helps in addressing my concern.