Issue with PDF upload via URL

Hi there,

I have an issue uploading a pdf file through url to my Baserow base. I’ve follow Baserow documentation to do so (first make a post request to Baserow file server and then a patch request to my base using the response of the previous request). However the file end as a .txt in my base where it should be a pdf. You can see bellow the response I get. It seems strange that the file name end with a dot and not ‘.pdf’. I supposed that’s why I get a .txt in my base but I can’t figured how to debug that. I already try to add a .pdf at the end of my url but it does not change what I get in the response. I someone has an idea :slight_smile:

Does the URL you are using download the PDF directly? It looks like it might be a preview link.

See if you can get it working with a PDF from somewhere else, like this:

Hi Joseph,

Thank your for your help! It works great with your test file. I assume my link is a preview one in this case. Weird thing is that it maps well into Airtable