🥳 It’s finally here: Baserow 1.12 with form survey mode, multiple collaborators field type, file field support in the form view, and much more!

:sparkles: Exciting news… Baserow 1.12 is finally out! We shipped 30+ updates, including:

→ Form survey mode
→ Multiple collaborators field type
→ Duplicate fields with data
→ Add files to the form view type

And much more!

We also published the list of the most active community contributors, make sure to check it out, maybe you’ll find yourself on the list :eyes:

Read on to learn what’s new at Baserow: 1.12 release of Baserow // Baserow
Test out the newly released Baserow 1.12: https://baserow.io
GitLab repository: Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab

Like the newly released features? Drop us a note in the comments and share your feedback :point_down:


Just awesome. The file field in the from view is a killer one, warm applause.

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Thank you @dynnammo :blush: