Just did a mini-app with the app builder: customer feedback + coupon codes (baserow + stripe integration)

I finally took the app builder for a spin and decided to use it for a customer feedback form which delivers a coupon code for discount at the end.

My overall feedback: the combination of low code app + form builder + database is very powerful. The fact that you can freely link from database rows to gui widgets is very convenient. Baserow is also one of the rare tools which allows anonymous lowcode apps, other such platforms require people to sign up.

My app works like this: user lands on the form from my marketing system, with their email address as the parameter. They get asked a couple of questions, and in the end they are rewarded with a coupon code.

I didn’t want to use a static coupon code, because users may share it between themselves, so I use a view to return the first row out from “valid coupon codes”. When the user validates the form, it marks that coupon code as “redeemed” (using a button action), and it removes it from the “valid” view.

I do have to pre-populate those coupon codes, but that can be done trivially using a script which calls the stripe API and then the baserow API.

So overall this baserow app builder is already very usable if you’re doing something like gathering feedback, gathering signups, something like that. The possibilities for logic and conditional branching are a bit light right now.

I ran into a bug: if a parameter is passed by url, i’m not able to pass it to another page through a link, the parameter simply doesn’t appear on the link properties for the next page.

That’s an awesome use case, @lucw. We’re so glad you’re using Baserow’s application builder and we really appreciate your feedback. If you have any other thoughts or ideas for improvement, we’re all ears!

@jrmi, could you please check out this potential bug?


  • create page1 with url /:param_1
  • create page2 with url /page2/:param_1
  • create a link/button on page1 to navigate to page2, when populating param_1, I cannot find a field in the pop-up menu that appears.

I can add screenshots if it’s not clear @jrmi

No need for screenshot, I was able to reproduce it. Actually we did it on purpose but I don’t think it was for a real reason. Thanks for reporting. Issue created.

Thank you @jrmi very appreciated!
By the way baserow has become my default “polling” system for my Saas users / mini crm. Better than typeform as all the data lives together.