🎉 Just released Baserow 1.14 with the audit log, Baserow role based permissions & more…!

Today we are excited to announce the release of Baserow 1.14 :rocket:

The main focus of this milestone was very similar to 1.13: we’ve continued working on security features and fixing existing issues. So, what’s new?

Audit Log: get records of every action that has been done in your Baserow instance.
Baserow Role Based Permissions: assign roles to users or teams on individual databases and tables for even more granular permission control.
And much more!

Check out the full roundup: https://baserow.io/blog/1-14-release-of-baserow.
Test out Baserow 1.14: https://baserow.io.
GitLab repository: Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Important! The Baserow audit log is currently an Enterprise-level feature, and only server admins can access it. RBAC is available to self-hosters on the Enterprise plan, and on Baserow.io for users who buy the Advanced plan.


Another amazing release !! Many things, really appreciate your work.

You forgot to mention this has the Shift+Enter shortcut for entering new rows ! This was a must have for my project.


Thanks for your kind words @lucw! That’s indeed an important new feature, so it’s great that you mentioned it here :raised_hands: