Keep github code up to date

I googled source and have been using github code and running into issues. After some search I found updated code is on gitlab.

To avoid others running into old code, I recommend we sync the two for free.

Sync Gitlab to Github (easy)

This one is simple. You could set up some CI/CD yourself. But Gitlab will automatically do this for you.
As per Github and Gitlab sync - DEV Community

  1. Go to “Settings > Repository > Mirroring repositories”
  2. Enter your Github repo with your username in front https://<github username>
  3. In the password field, enter your Github token
  4. Select push (this requires a subscription)
  5. Press Mirror repository

From now on, changes to Gitlab will be mirrored to Github.

Hm thats weird, we already have this setup and enabled and I do see the mirroring working:

Perhaps you were checking out master from github which is a branch we only update with the releases?

Hey @ravikapoor101, welcome to the Baserow community!

Both the GitHub and GitLab repositories are mirrored. Or at least the develop and master branch mirrored and should be identical. Is there a difference that you could point us to?