Last modification date fields cannot be looked up?

Hello All,

I use Baserow (self hosted) to build an ERP.
Table A contains a Last modification field including hour.
Table A is linked to Table B.
In Table B, there is a look up filed showing the Last modification field from Table A.
When the Last modification field changes in Table A, the look up field is not updated in Table B :frowning_face:
Is it a bug?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Calpp ,
I reproduce the same in my Baserow instance, and on too : when I update a row in TableA, the lookup field “last modification” in TableB is not updated.
To update it, I have to clic “edit” and “save” again. I guess it is a bug.

Thanks a lot @Govi for the test you did on your side. Hope this bug will be solved soon.

Hey @Calpp and @Govi, the dev team should investigate it further, we’ll publish updates soon. :raised_hands:

Whouahouuuu thanks a lot @olgatrykush !

Hey @Calpp, @Govi,

At this link “Last modification date fields cannot be looked up”, you can find the ongoing work for a solution to this issue.

The bugfix will be included in the next release.

Thank you for your report,